NARS Opening Up On Melrose

We Have a NARS store opening up on Melrose! I'm going to have to pay a visit this friday since it's pay day! I'm thinking of buying the mascara since everyone has one and I don't :(
Francois Nars is the founder of NARS Cosmetics. He is a make-up artist and fashion photographer. Over the next three years Nars plans on opening up three more stores in San Francisco ,Chicago and a second store in New York.

Francois wants to have his most favorite movies play as a background projected against the store so when you pass by you'll see some vintage films like Italian, German and Hollywood.
I can't wait to visit  the NARS boutique
The unique thing about his new location is that it will have the same mix as the New York boutique such as the Self Portrait Palettes and the aforementioned fuchsia lip pencil and it will also have a specific product that will be more personal to the Melrose address.

Be sure to visit my blog this coming week for up-dates on the NARS boutique. ttyl!


Halloween Kitty

I created this really simple look for Halloween that anyone can put together in 30minutes. You can use this look for work or a last minute party invite! Here are the products I used.
Mineral Fusion concealer, NARS foundation, e.l.f liquid eyeliner, Physicians Formula Smoky, Milani fake tan bronzer, Milani baked blush corallina, L'Oreal seashell, Victoria Secret wish and Be Mine




Paprika skater skirt
$58 - rarelondon.com

Jane Norman wedge sandals
$56 - janenorman.co.uk

Cross jewelry
$9.67 - regalrose.co.uk

Nars cosmetic

LA Fashion Week HaulerDeals Local SocialiteXO

I had a blast Last night! I got to meet DulceCandy and ThatsHeart! I have been a DulceCandy follower since 2008 when I first started watching youtube videos. It was so cute how I told her how she inspired me to make my own videos but I never put the time and effort in to it. My friends were teasing me because I was too shy to ask her for a picture hahaha! and she remembered me! It's so funny how excited I got. Dulce was really sweet and took pictures with everyone.
I think I look way too funny in this picture. I did'nt want Dulce to look too short but it did'nt help the fact that my friend who took the picture is tall.