$20 Make-Up Challenge Selena Gomez

I'm going to take on the $20 challenge and do a Selena Gomez look from her photo shoot on Teen Vogue Sept.2012 I found this challenge fun because I put my couponing skills to the test. I went to Target and CVS for my make-up. I tried to pick out items that I don't have because I hate not using them.

At Target I got only e.l.f products and my bill came out to $7.65 I got two brushes one for eyes and the other for powder. I got mascara some lashes and liquid eye liner. The mascara was $3 and the rest were a $1 each.

For my CVS trip I did two transactions.


baby lips $3.99 and Maybeline quad in chai latte $7.99

I had a $1off coupon for my baby lips and $8 rewards from a previous trip I did to CVS. The savings for this week at CVS is spend $10 on Maybeline products and get $3 rewards. So my first transaction came out to $2.98 plus taxes $1.11=$4.09 saving me $9 and getting $3rewards for my next transaction


I bought two Wet n Wild nail polishes each at .99cents and

Revlon Photoready sculping blush pallete $10 on sale

I had $1 coupon on Wet n Wild nail polishes making them .50each

and $5 coupon for any face product Revlon making it only $5

and since I got $3 rewards from my first transaction I used it towards paying my 2nd transaction making it $2.98 plus taxes $1.11 = $4.09 saving me $11.99

My total for this challenge came to be only $15.83